Cute Pinay Girl Shane Worn Out After Sex

Cute Pinay hottie Shane was also picked up from the streets. The story is pretty similar to the one I just linked to, so there’s no need to repeat it. 
You are probably here for the porn anyway! 
A cute Pinay hottie like Lynn will just make any cock at attention,
Won’t you agree on that?

The Filipino boys, who are just as horny as the Filipina girls, are quite jealous on the tourists. They get far to much attention. More than they deserve according to local studs. And when we look at a cute Pinay hottie like Shane, they’re not to blame. 
If I was a horny Filipino boy, I wouldn’t share her with anyone, either.
But reality is, they prefer us. Not only because of money, they like being banged by hard monger cocks too!


Pinay Room Maid Mitch Fulfills the Monger Dream

If you dream about mongering, I’m sure you’ve been dreaming about a Pinay Room Maid entering the room while you’re naked. She gets so impressed by your white monger cock. You know, It’s nothing like those small Filipino cocks you see in lame Filipina Porn.

At first the Pinay room maid stops, mesmerized by what she’s seeing. You can see she’s analyzing the situation while you stutter “sorry, didn’t know you would come now”. (Which obviously is a lie, you’ve planned this).

But it doesn’t take more than two seconds before she sits down on the bed and carefully starts to stroke your cock. The Pinay room maid smiles with a hint of shyness. She then puts her lips around your cock. Slowly starting to suck you, carefully as if you would break into pieces if she did it harder.


The smile on her face just proves that the Pinay room maid loves your cock. Deeply. Which also is a word to describe where you put your cock next.
Into her wet and warm Filipina pussy. She’s moaning now, more and more, riding your cock with a pounding rhythm. The sound of traffic outside vanishes into your moaning and grunts, rhythmically getting in sync. 

You pump your mongering cock harder and harder into her Filipina cunt. For every stroke that’s a bit harder, she moans even more. Usually you last for a while, but this time…. You explode inside the Pinay room maid’s wet Asian twat.

Who would have thought your plan would work this well. Why not change hotel and try again?