Filipina Stunner Carren Makes Porno

When I’m not jumping from bar to bar to find a Filipina stunner, I spend most of the day dreaming about the next time I will. So it will probably be of no surprise  to you that I’m quite familiar with the Filipina porn scene on the internet.
This is something that happened back in 2012, but Filipina stunner Carren is so hot, I just have to tell you about her.
(Unfortunately for me she was nowhere to be found the last time I was in Angeles City …)

Carren is this really shy Filipina stunner who loves to shop. Might even be a Shopaholic. In fact, this is her second visit to our monger madman John. The dress she’s wearing is bought from the fee she got the first time she fucked him on camera. You got it. She is fucking for money. Most Filipina girls are willing to do that, believe you me.

This doesn’t mean Carren hates sex. She loves it. But she might not be built to handle our huge white pieces of wood.  First time around, she actually dropped some tears while they fucked, claiming it just meant she loved it. 
It might be true that, but who knows. (You can find it here)
Strangely enough, it is kind of cute to see this girl wanting to fuck while she has a tear in her eye. Yeah, just call me a moron, I’m built how I am. Neither John or me want to harm the girls. We just want to fuck them hard, so a Filipina stunner and I (or he) both can scream together in ecstasy!

Anyway, Carren has this body we would kill for. Her Asian boobs are near to perfect and her tight beautiful Pinay cunt is just delicious. 
Filipina Stunner Carren is just beyond a mongers wildest dreams!
These pictures just proves that! 


Pinay Room Maid Mitch Fulfills the Monger Dream

If you dream about mongering, I’m sure you’ve been dreaming about a Pinay Room Maid entering the room while you’re naked. She gets so impressed by your white monger cock. You know, It’s nothing like those small Filipino cocks you see in lame Filipina Porn.

At first the Pinay room maid stops, mesmerized by what she’s seeing. You can see she’s analyzing the situation while you stutter “sorry, didn’t know you would come now”. (Which obviously is a lie, you’ve planned this).

But it doesn’t take more than two seconds before she sits down on the bed and carefully starts to stroke your cock. The Pinay room maid smiles with a hint of shyness. She then puts her lips around your cock. Slowly starting to suck you, carefully as if you would break into pieces if she did it harder.


The smile on her face just proves that the Pinay room maid loves your cock. Deeply. Which also is a word to describe where you put your cock next.
Into her wet and warm Filipina pussy. She’s moaning now, more and more, riding your cock with a pounding rhythm. The sound of traffic outside vanishes into your moaning and grunts, rhythmically getting in sync. 

You pump your mongering cock harder and harder into her Filipina cunt. For every stroke that’s a bit harder, she moans even more. Usually you last for a while, but this time…. You explode inside the Pinay room maid’s wet Asian twat.

Who would have thought your plan would work this well. Why not change hotel and try again?