Cute Pinay Girl Shane Worn Out After Sex

Cute Pinay hottie Shane was also picked up from the streets. The story is pretty similar to the one I just linked to, so there’s no need to repeat it. 
You are probably here for the porn anyway! 
A cute Pinay hottie like Lynn will just make any cock at attention,
Won’t you agree on that?

The Filipino boys, who are just as horny as the Filipina girls, are quite jealous on the tourists. They get far to much attention. More than they deserve according to local studs. And when we look at a cute Pinay hottie like Shane, they’re not to blame. 
If I was a horny Filipino boy, I wouldn’t share her with anyone, either.
But reality is, they prefer us. Not only because of money, they like being banged by hard monger cocks too!


Horny Filipina Spinner Lynn Picked Up on the Street

Tracking down a horny Filipina girl is way too easy in Angeles City. Just go to one of the numerous bars on Fields Avenue, and … that’s it.Score!
So; when you’ve settled in I suggest you start to track down those Horny Filipina stunners elsewhere. Walking around the streets of Angeles City might just be enough. 

Take the monger in this picture sequence.  He went out from the Walking Street part of Fields Avenue and took to the right at Phillies Sports Grill.
A little bit down the road from there, he bumped into the Beautiful Asian spinner Lynn.

He spotted her down the road from where he was standing, lighting up a cigarette. As she approached he started to talk to her. She seemed to be flattered by the attention and immediately started to flirt back. After a few minutes she asked where he stayed and from there they soon started to walk towards the hotel together. He scored bulls eye on first attempt with this horny Filipina. (Just like tons of similar girls you can see here )

When they came to the hotel she started to undress at once. 
Her perky Asian tits were hidden behind a cute black bra. Her underpants was not as sexy, but hey. He wanted them off anyway!

 Her cute eyes widened up a little bit when he pulled down his pants. Maybe she wondered if she could take it? This didn’t stop her from taking his cock into her Filipino mouth for some good ol’ fashioned Cocksucking.  After a short suck she surprised him by laying down on the bed to play with herself. 
Actually; A horny Filipina like this is kind of rare.  
Not that they’re not horny, quite the opposite. But they are usually very shy. 

So he couldn’t resist much longer, skipped the pussy licking bit for once and entered her holy Asian parts with his dick. Her Pinay cunt was tight and moist. She rode him for a little while, but he soon wanted her on her back again. The joy of watching her beautiful Filipina spinner body just made him explode inside her. 


To be honest; I wonder how many kids this dude have made around the Phillipines…