Perfect LBFM Teen Boobs on Hottie April

Pushing twenties, April is still a stunner Filipina Teen. What makes her stand out from the crowd is obviously her boobs. (Her cute face and great body does help!). This Little Brown Fucking Machine has a cute, somewhat hairy, Asian cunt that begs for a naughty creampie. However, our favorite Monger John just can’t get his eyes of her stunning pair of Tits!

April is ready for some hot action and starts sucking this tourist cock in the typically tender and shy Asian way. He can’t wait for long though, he’s just eager to empty his balls into her wet, tight and warm Filipina twat. He’s soon allowed to. After pumping her hard for some time he empties himself into her inviting snatch. 

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Manila Spinner Babe Showing Mouth Skills

Amazing Manila Spinner Teen Babe

Aretha was found strolling down a Manila street. Not far away from a local Mall (No surprise there!). Our monger couldn’t really tell wether he genuinly scored an amazing teen spinner. Or if she was on the lookout for a tourist to fuck…
Finally being able to get her undressed, he was truly stunned by the hotness of her body. Not only a classic Asian spinner type. A damn near perfect one as well. Having the looks of a true Filipina babe and being horny as hell (as they all are), he soon got the chance to empty his balls into her tight little Asian fuck-snatch.



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